Friday, 23 September 2016

The show must go on

I felt it coming up, as it always did in those stressful situations. I was on the sate and about to be my turn to play my role.

“Oh no! Not again, what if it overwhelms me? Everybody will be disappointed as they are counting upon…” Yikes! The good old monologue of anxiety was firing up, trying to convince me yet another time to use my exit strategy. Walking by its side was fear, they usually team up, they are best buddy’s.

“Hey, take a deep breath”. A small voice appeared. “This also shall pass”. There it was again. I noticed I was cramping up, my breathing was fast and shallow. Slowly in, and slowly out, I took that deep breath, put my focus on some more, relaxing all the tensed muscles.

By the time it was my turn I forgot about the anxiety and fear was seen as excitement. Time to give my performance to the audience.

The show must go on.

January 2016

Thursday, 14 January 2016